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I gotta agree with mim on this one. The article make sit out as if the HOA is somehow unpatriotic, however they offered a way to display his flag and a way for him to show his pride on his home as well.

I personally despise HOA's. I will never buy a home with an HOA. The last one I had(and last one I will ever have) was made up of busybodies who go around claiming that you've done something that is outside the lines of their guidelines, and now you have to pay a random fine. I work on cars as my hobby, so once in a while I had an oil spot on my driveway. Those buggers measured an oil spot to verify it was larger than 3 inches. In fact the two drops that were there were if measured from the top to the bottom got to 3.5 inches, but width was less than an inch. They fined me $200 for those oil spots.

A friend of mine had the HOA revise the rules because of his pit bulls. They specifically revised them to try to drive him out. It did not work and the HOA had to allow him to live there even with his dogs because he got the dogs prior to the revision. They took him to court over it and LOST big time. He countered, and got himself completely exempted from the HOA because of their attempts to force him out(there's more to it but I won't go into it).

Besides, I like having the houses not look completely cookie cutter where the only thing that differentiates yours from the next is the house number.

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