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"Hmph, a few broken bones that are already begining to heal and some brusing on the inside and the outside."

"Not to mention a piece of shrapnel in the shoulder and a through and through from a sniper," Tavaryn muttered. "Put to rights by a Jedi and Doc Pradhes."

Hearing the diagnosis, he had a momentary fear that she was going to order him into the bacta tank. And she would have forced him to do it after knocking him out. He grumbled while she finished her examination. When she ordered him on bed rest, he felt relief but eyed her suspiciously.

"I'll make sure he gets to his quarters in one piece Doctor."

Taking a look at Alriana's face and it nearly undid Tavaryn. I know that face, he sent, What is going on in that mind of yours moi chroi? He sat up, ready to bolt if both decided to come after him with a hypodermic or worse.


The Ackbar is a bit overdue for repairs."

Jun-la chuckled, "And the Ebon Hawk is WAY overdue. Don't worry. I'm sure Koral is having fun with the new bells and whistles Andros added."

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