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I know that face, What is going on in that mind of yours moi chroi?

I just thought that you would appreciate a guide back to your quarters, she sent slyly. And I also thought that you might want to speak with me in a more private setting.

She took Tavaryn's arm and then smiled at him. "Don't worry, I'l take him back to his quarters right now."

"And the Ebon Hawk is WAY overdue. Don't worry. I'm sure Koral is having fun with the new bells and whistles Andros added."

Belina had to stifle her laughter. "I think Koral and Andros make a pretty good team. With him coordinating the damage controls parties and Andros's ability to repair almost anything I think we're going to be just fine. I can't wait to see how he functions in combat drills."
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