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Originally Posted by Totenkopf View Post
Coffee, huh.... Meh, its not worthy.

@ChAiNz---don't even want to know how you (or niner for that matter) know what a weasel's butt tastes like....
Originally Posted by Negative Sun View Post
Detailed report please!
I'm pretty sure the Coffee Weasel™ was playing a joke on me...
What?! You don't have one?! Any civilized coffee connoisseur worth their salt has their very own coffee-serving weasel

Originally Posted by Rogue Nine View Post
weasel butt

I haven't actually had it, but I've had a beer brewed with those particular kinds of beans. Surprisingly, it didn't taste like s***.
Considering the ludicrous cost of the beans (or gawdz forbid a brewed cup).. I'll stay ignorant of the experience .. hehe

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