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Originally Posted by Sp!ker View Post
:-D :-D people... light around the saber is not light, it's just the colored edge of the white stick ... It bothers me ... :-/
Oh I definitely get where you're coming from. Considering every other Star Wars game has fed us nice blurry edges, the ToR sabers can come as quite a shock.. however, unlike others (not saying you) I'm not going to damn the game just because of a graphics snafoo.

Now, if they totally muck up gameplay and I don't find it enjoyable enough play-wise and story-wise (and the impending charge that's sure to come with it).. then yeah, I'll be right there with the others damning the game to all get out..

Originally Posted by Tommycat View Post
I agree Chainz. As I said(elsewhere), I'm a Star Wars Fan, and a Bioware Fan. So by fanboy law, I'm required to purchase this game. So long as it's not Lego Old Republic, I'll be all right(and far less conflicted). (oh and thanks for hiding the image. I was going to come back and fix it, but you did it for me haha)

The brighter and more realistic the graphics get, the more expensive your local hardware gets. Not to mention, that not everyone wants to buy a whole new gaming rig for the game.

It's got enough glow about it to let you know what it is.
Indeed. Right there with you in the fanboy boat hehehe. I'm really looking forward to the game. I've even slowed my DDO gaming (another MMO) to the point where I'm about to "retire". If ToR turns out to be as good as it looks (and my anticipation) I'll probably have to say goodbye to DDO (at least it's free2play.. whew)

My only inhibition is that if it's released when the rumors say it is.. it's going to be stepping on my Skyrim toes (and then ME3 later in March '12)... going to be a lot of great gaming come late this year and next year

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