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"You may have tricked the Senate into trusting you, but you're not fooling me." Kalla replied. Turning to Tonatius, she said, "Let's go, there's nothing else we can do here."

Jedi Temple, Council Chambers

"Unfortunately Kalla, your report only serves to reinforce our decision." Kol Skywalker said after Kalla explained the situation in the Senate.

"And what decision was that?" Kalla asked, completely unaware of what the Grand Master was talking about.

"Based on the Senate's lack of trust in us, and the Republic's new alliance with the Sith Empire, the Council has decided that it is the best interest of the Jedi Order, that we leave Coruscant and relocate to Tython as soon as possible. I'm sure you noticed the transport ships surrounding the Temple on your way back here." Her father explained.

"I understand, but with all due respect, I don't think the two factors are unrelated." Kalla responded.

"I agree, and implication of Sith agents infiltrating the Senate further indicates that Coruscant is no longer safe." Kol elaborated.

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