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Vanguard of Justice formed in 2009 AD originally as a small but tightly-knit group of SW gamers participating in live SW simulation entitled "StarWars Odyssey" - played mostly over an IRC channel. Many of these gamers had participated in other Star Wars simulations in the past, and together they had decades of experience between them. During that time, strong bonds were forged and a hardcore group of role-players and gamers have adventured in various online games together, ever since.

In 2009, Vanguard of Justice began seeking a new gaming experience and with the budding promise of a highly anticipated MMO, Star Wars: The Old Republic™, they have decided to expand their focus to include the the TOR era into their live role-play, in preparation for the game to come. For months, the VoJ staff worked to create their official site, and polish the guild's look, feel, and RPG system.

Now, Vanguard of Justice is ready! That doesn't mean we don't have even more things planned for the future. It is an exciting time for us, and we hope you enjoy the environment we have built.

What the future holds we can only imagine. What is certain, however, is that the Vanguard of Justice shall continue to live by its code of honor and seek to inspire others wherever they roam...


The Vanguard of Justice Charter is an RP oath for those who wish to role-play the roles of Jedi, Trooper, or Smuggler within the realm of the Galactic Republic - whether in game, on IRC, on the forum, or any other venue which serves as a Role-Playing ground for members of VOJ.

I - Never to demand respect but instead always endeavor to earn it.

II - To exhibit courage in word and deed.

III - To treat all persons, high and low, with the same courtesy.

IV - To defend the weak and the innocent.

V - To freely share my skill and knowledge with all who would learn.

VI - To always champion right and good against injustice and evil.

VII - Never to abandon a friend, ally or a noble cause.

VIII - Never to recoil from the enemy.

IX - To fight with honor and die with valor.

X - Never to lie and remain faithful to my pledged word.


Below is a set of Out-Of-Character rules all guild members must abide by:

I - First and foremost, you must be 18 years of age or older to participate in this guild.

II - Acts of immaturity, whenever in game or in forum will not be tolerated.

III - Treat fellow members with respect and treat all gamers as you would wish to be treated by them.

IV - Know the difference between in character and out of character.

V - No cheats, hacks and macros are endorsed by this guild.

VI - Failure to maintain an acceptable level of activity will ensue your removal from the guild.

VII - Absences longer than 2 months without notification will result in your dismissal from the guild (although you may re-apply at a later date).

VIII - Aid members whenever feasible. Trade is always free between guild members.

IX - Please keep religion and politics out of the game.

X - Dedication to the Vanguard of Justice is required.

Most important of all, have fun!!!

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