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Unlike many guilds, clans and gaming organizations, Vanguard of Justice does not use ranks to specify a member's station within the guild. The only exceptions to this are Guild Officers and the Guild Leader. Instead, we use roles, which a member may freely choose upon becoming a full member. Roles allow a member to further enrich their interaction with fellow guildmates, without placing undue emphasis on being higher or lower than other members.

As role-players we believe that a role defines who you are in your fictional life. Roles are there to be played and expanded upon, opposite to guild ranks which can be static. You are in no way limited to doing ONLY things within your role, but they give everyone a general idea of what kind of character you intend to play, and the overall tasks your character prefers doing.

There are many roles listed below that you may choose to play, yet if there is a role not listed that you would like your character to identify with, please contact the guild admin so it may be created for you.

Vanguard of Justice roles include:


- Jedi Guardian
- Jedi Healer
- Jedi Historian
- Jedi Artificer
- Jedi Naturalist
- Jedi General
- Jedi Watchman
- Jedi Instructor (Generalized)
- Jedi Mediator
- Jedi Archivist
- Jedi Sentinel
- Jedi Ace
- Jedi Weapon Master
- Jedi Archaeologist
- Jedi Trainer (Specific Area)
- Jedi Philosopher

- Con Artist
- Snitch
- Thief
- Fence
- Merchant
- Arms Dealer

- Officer
- Paratrooper
- Scout
- Sharpshooter
- Combat Engineer
- Heavy Weapons Specialist
- Pilot



Jedi Guardian -To fight injustice and protect the weak, you must draw your lightsaber and fight. You see things fairly simply. Evil must be fought, and you're the one to do it. It's not for you to over-think a situation, or debate about the outcome. You avoid politics and politicians whenever you can. When things need done, when lives are on the line, you act. Simple as that.

Jedi Healer - There is pain and suffering throughout the Galaxy, and your strong sense of empathy compels you to do something about it. Many you can save, some you cannot, but you expend all your energies trying. Because you understand pain so well, others are shocked at how ferociously you will fight, for the sake of saving others. Despite being surrounded by death, your faith in the Force is steadfast and the comfort you bring to others is the only reward you truly crave.

Jedi Historian - To forget the past, is to be doomed to repeat it. It is important that someone keeps record, so that the future does not forget the lessons of the Past. You record all you see and hear, and have an eloquence for words and talent for capturing imagery few can match. Your keen eye and sharp wit help you gain special insight into any event, and pass that perception along to others.

Jedi Artificer - Tools and tech. Gadgets and gizmos. They speak to you as if they were living things, and you have an almost magical touch with technology. From computers to spacecraft, there's almost nothing you cannot fix. Not satisfied with the status quo, you tinker and build, inventing new and improved things all the time. With ancient Jedi secrets of the Force and rare knowledge of alchemies, you are known for creating items of unparalleled quality.

Jedi Naturalist - You have a strong bond and affinity with the natural world. Plants and animals are just parts of a greater whole, and all life is connected through the Force. You understand this connection better than most, and you're more comfortable in the wilderness than around people. Your talents extend to communication with nature, and you can even alter the growth of plants and the behavior of animals.

Jedi General - A being of strong principles, you strive for Peace and freedom of all. Unfortunately, freedom is not free, and is paid for in blood. Someone must be there to lead others in war, and that difficult task falls to you. You understand better than most that War is bitter, but necessary. A master of tactics and adept at planning, your mission is Victory; Your goal is Peace; With as many of your men left alive to enjoy it, as possible.

Jedi Watchman - While some Jedi roam the Galaxy, you have been charged with responsibility for a particular planet or territory. You live there, and work there, keeping Freedom and Justice alive for all who live there. You are generally well known, and have many contacts in your protectorate. You probably have some enemies there too. Unscrupulous people who would take advantage of others or turn peace into chaos. Because of you, the people you protect rest easy.

Jedi Instructor - It is a great honor and duty to be chosen to teach the next generation of Jedi. You are such a person. You pass on the knowledge and wisdom of the Jedi to younglings and Padawans, guiding them on the path to becoming the defenders of peace and justice for the future. It is both taxing and rewarding, and you find no greater joy than to help others to learn what it truly means to be Jedi.

Jedi Mediator - The key to civilization is diplomacy, and you have a knack for negotiation. There will always be disputes, and that is where you work. A master communicator and skillful in politics, the Force grants you amazing subtlety and powers of persuasion. To help others to peaceful resolutions of their problems is your life, and you find the intrigue and challenge ultimately rewarding.

Jedi Archivist - The Jedi are known for maintaining some of the most vast archives of knowledge in the Galaxy. You maintain it, organize it, and help others discover that knowledge every day. You have an eye for detail and an orderly way of doing things, which you use to keep the rest of the Galaxy enlightened.

Jedi Sentinel - The Sentinel seeks truth in all things, and uses the Force and cunning to unearth the Dark Side wherever it may hide . Investigators in the truest sense, they seek out injustice and protect the rule of law. In matters of the Force, they root out the Darkness, battling and destroying it at every opportunity.

Jedi Ace - A master of flight, you are most at home of the controls of spacecraft. The Force gives you reflexes most pilots only dream about, and you use them to their utmost. Speed and danger are your closest friends, and your skill is put to use in the vastness of the stars.

Jedi Weapon Master - There's a single weapon you have found a true affinity with, and it embodies your ideology. You have studied every known technique, and have come up with a few yourself, to become the epitome of martial prowess with that weapon on the battlefield. That is where your natural element is, with courage in your veins and your weapon in your hands, to bear arms and mete out justice.

Jedi Archaeologist - The Galaxy is a big place, and it's history is so vast, things become long forgotten and rediscovered, over and over again. All that Time speaks to you, calling you to discover the past and it's secrets. Ancient tombs, old libraries, books, scrolls, scraps of broken trinkets. They all tell a story, and you insatiably yearn to know what it is. Sometimes it's boring. sometimes it's dangerous. Either way, you wouldn't miss it for anything.

Jedi Trainer - You have real world skills and knowledge that Jedi need to know, to accomplish their missions and goals. It's not your job to know everything about mentoring Jedi, you just have a singular area of expertise, and you know it well. You've been there, you've done that, and you have some important things you can pass on that might help the next generation.

Jedi Philosopher - You ponder the mysteries of the Force, in all it's aspects. Hours or days of meditation are as natural to you as breathing. You much prefer a quiet, peaceful place to contemplate, or a hall of other like minded beings with which to carry on discussion or lively debate. The Force and it's aspects consumes your life, and you take the frequent visions you see through Force very seriously.


Officer - Tactics and strategies are just as important as guns and bombs. It's your job to make sure things go smoothly, and stay organized. If the going gets tough, you're the guy up front, leading the way. It's a lot of pressure, but it's your concern for the group that makes it all worth it. (This Role is not for everyone, and is therefore restricted to Guild Leadership discretion)

Paratrooper - The backbone of the infantry. You're not just some dumb grunt or raw recruit, though. You're independent, and well-trained. You're one of the best at your job, and your job is to be dropped in, surrounded by the enemy, and kick butt. You don't really specialize in any one thing. You know just enough about everything to adapt to the situation, and get the job done.

Scout - You are the eyes and ears of the unit. It's your job to spot the enemy, before they spot you, and that means sometimes sticking your neck out. You have an eye for details, and it's your job to make sure everyone knows what's out there, and what to expect. You like to travel light and move fast...because there's a good chance you're going to get shot at.

Sharpshooter - You are a rock. You are stone. You are the thing the enemy has nightmares about, and keeps them awake. The silent bringer of death that strikes swiftly, and they never see it coming. Lining up the perfect shot is a slow and methodical art, and you only get one shot to get it right. Thankfully, you only need one.

Combat Engineer - A unit has all kinds of equipment, and encounters all kinds of hazards that stand between them and victory. Need that forcefield down? Gotta get that data from the computer? Broken gun? Booby trap? No problem. You've got just the right tool, for the right job.

Heavy Weapons - Happiness is a big gun. For you, the bigger the better. Your armor, your weapon, it's all about raw power. It isn't always pretty. It isn't always nice. Then again, neither are you, and that's just fine by you. If it's big, tough, and it's just gotta die, they call in the big guns. They call you.

Pilot - If it walks, rolls, or flies, you can drive it. Any unit needs transportation to move, and it's your job to make sure that they have it when they need it. Keeping various vehicles running right and fighting hard is your forte, and you know how to get the most out of them when it counts.


Con Artist - You are a slick talker. You can talk anyone into anything, be it buying that useless hunk of junk, or selling you that priceless gem for half the going rate to you. If it weren't for the pesky laws getting in the way, you'd be a billionaire by now.

Snitch - Instead of dealing in goods, you trade information. You can find out anything about anyone, anything, anywhere... For a price. Or just to keep from getting your face punched in. It puts you at risk, but you wouldn't have it any other way.

Thief - People often want things that other people have. Many times, they don't really care how they get it. That's where you come in. You can palm the credits out of someone's pocket, or get that rare prototype from the enemy's base. The more dangerous the heist, the more fun it is... and profitable.

Fence - You don't mind touching merchandise that would burn the hands of law-abiding citizens. In fact, the hotter it is, the faster you can probably pass it on to a buyer... and the more money you can get out of them for doing it.

Merchant - You operate completely within the law... well, except for that stuff in the back room, but that's not anybody's business. It doesn't pay great, but it's honest work. Sometimes you get into the occasional scuffle, but aside from a vice or two, you prefer an honest day's wage.

Arms Dealer - People are always going to fight. If you don't supply them with the means, then it'll just be someone else making the money doing it. Maybe you don't care what they use the weapons for, or maybe you're just doing your part for the cause, and covering expenses. Either way, business is good

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