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Originally Posted by Sp!ker View Post
well, I just thought that if I create this topic, someone will do such a simple thing as edit damn saber to look better... if you are blind and you think that this is a good.. ok ... its a ten-minute work for graphic designers.. the game should attract a player's money omfg
It's not about the time it takes to design it.. it's the impact on game engine and framerates on what that "fancy" blur does.

Ever run a high poly or enhanced graphic mod on K1 / K2 / SWG of your choice? Ever have more than 6+ of those sabers on screen at the same time? Enjoy that 10 fps? Didn't think so... and that's only for a single player game that has to keep track of a minute amount of variables confined in a nice enclosed world area.

Now multiply that by the hundreds to account for all the people on an mmo/multiplayer. All the instances that are open. Everything that is going on in the game world for each and every player that is logged on. Live in real-time

Now, let's multiply that by all the other visual effects. Blasters, shields, powers, environment fx and sound design. Hoping the game server can render those graphics while still maintaining the calculations of what players are doing (or are going to do). See where I'm going with this? ToR is a stylized art game (a major benefit as far as game engine rendering).. it doesn't surprise me that the sabers would be too.

Sure it doesn't affect some players as bad with high end gear (myself included).. but if your positioning this game to appeal to as many players as possible and not just the hardcore base.. lines have to be drawn and compromises made. Later on, if the game goes well and more money is invested.. more server equipment will be added, and the precious blur may be added. But to invest that amount of cash on something for an initial release that could go either direction consider it's massive competition.. is just financial suicide. Especially for a non essential piece of eye-candy. I'd rather not be doomed to a life of nothing but Lego releases if ToR fails.. hehehe

Also to re-iterate.. anyone willing to damn a game just because of a glow stick has no real intention of enjoying this game anyways if they're that petty.. or hasn't paid attention to all the other great stuff this game has showcased. Seems to me they've already made up their mind.. or just looking for another excuse to piss and moan about a game that decided to go mmo rather than sp.

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