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Jedi Temple, Coruscant

Tonatius agreed and went with Kalla to the temple. After listening about the plans for relocation, he added, "Excuse me Master Jedi, since it is no longer safe for the Jedi, perhaps you should appeal to the Shinigami for security. IS that not what they do and if I recall, one ws most helpful to Jedi Haltra."

Andros Starlighter felt old but when threats to the order that had been like family came, he felt younger. The transmission from his sister worried him though he had no problems about his daughter and his granddaughter was somewhere with her father. He ambled along until he came into the meeting. When he saw the Tonatius and Taryn he had to pay attention since they looked more alike than anything. He then chose to say, "There are also other places for the Jedi to meet. If we do not wish for them to be attacked at one place. Some I can provide from the days of my mother and her smuggling of the younglings."


"I doubt that little trick I pulled would work more than once. Sweet talking her only works for a little while before she catches on."

Tavaryn chuckled. He led the way to his quarters once the lift stopped. Inviting her in, he bade her to make herself comfortable. "Um, just wait here, and I'll wash this dirt and grime off. Won't be long." He was blushing as he made a quick pace to the refresher.

He was as good as his word for he was out in clean trousers and shirt with boots. He looked like he was going to a training session. He stood looking at Alriana not sure of what to say and sounded unusually clumsly in his speech, " did you want to talk about?"


Jun-la knew that look and took off with Belina. "If you don't mind Admiral, I would like to hear this as well."


Andros finsihed working with the security systems and contacted Koral, "Security is back online Koral but the Admiral will need to imput new security codes for everything. System's ready."

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