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Sorry about the late posting; first my computer refused to bring up this page, then the time on my Wi Fi password ran out.


A Room With a View of Coruscant
Midnight Hawk

Post TSL AU: Mical takes a woman you wouldn't anticipate to meet his parents, also not what you would expect...

The piece is off the wall, and funny. Having Mical navigate (Correctly after turning the map right side up), Bastila obsessing on being dressed in a Gizka costume as a sport's mascot, Kreia pouring tea with the Force and Vrook fighting to the death because he thinks Bastila was sent to assassinate him is just the cake. The fun just begins there.


Post KOTOR: An unlikely pair team up

The piece was fun and enjoyable. Watching of all people Dustil instructing Bastila in how to hide and survive, Bastila getting used to carrying a blaster and shivs instead of a lightsaber, their talents complimenting each other. Definitely a fun read.

Only in Pazaak
Revan's Pet Duck

KOTOR on Kashyyk: Some alone time for Mission and T3

The plaint of Mission, that she doesn't get any respect because of her age is one everyone has when they're young, and her leaning on the one thing she does very well, playing Pazaak is the way she shows it.

Next Year
Paranoid Gerbil

Post KOTOR: The yearly reunion gets smaller and smaller

The idea that the crew would wander into a bar on Coruscant to find some peace was good. The idea that it eventually became a yearly ritual even better. But now it is down to only two, and two of the most unlikely at that.

I May Be Old...
Delasaer Chval

KOTOR on Manaan: The two oldest members of the crew share some time and a meal.

The fun of this was you think of them both as old men, and they seem to have a lot in common.

Pick of the Week

The Ability to Change

KOTOR on Manaan: Perhaps people can change

We have Mission at her best here; Trying to wheedle why Canderous is suddenly so thoughtful after the Jagi side quest, and trying to convince Juhani to give the Mandalorian another chance. She comes across like a young woman trying to knit up the family without actually letting everyone else know what she is doing.

To Be Hanged
Amme Moto

KOTOR enroute to Manaan: After the revelations aboard Leviathan, Carth has to decide if he trusts Revan

The piece is angst filled, and the dream sequence frightening. His bland statement at the end belies the vision.


Pre KOTOR: Revan has to assist in her redemption

The piece is a confusing leap of memory from one to another, being connected to every person in the room as Revan's dark side tries to fight back. Yet it is cohesive and thought provoking.

Pick of the Week


Post TSL: In the unknown region, the Exile finally finds the end to her quest

The only problem with the piece except some grammar mistakes, is that it reached the end point too quickly. It went from 'in search of' and memory to arriving without a pause.

Undivided Attention

TSL aboard the Ebon Hawk: Bao Dur has to jolly the Exile out of her mood, but that comes with it's own price

The piece is short but the characters portrayed are true to form. The aside that Iridonians have their genitals 'somewhere else' was fun, especially her attempts to find them after her groin attack did no damage. The ending was just too choice.

Pick of the Week

Mysteries of the Sith

KOTOR enroute to Kashyyk after Leviathan: The crew deals with the revelation and Revan's response to it.

The piece is dry but has it's moments. As always Carth is the sticking point in the acceptance of Revan, but not for long. The author tossed in a change from the game; having Revan contact the Jedi council and having the ship ordered to Onderon instead.

Tales of KOTOR How the Mighty have Fallen
Dante Revan

Pre KOTOR: The soon to be Exile faces her brother, the dark lord Revan

The angst of the piece is thick on the ground, the descriptions of the carnage caused drives home the thought that it had been unnecessary. The fight is short and to the point, but the aftermath is foreshortened.

'To argue with those who have renounced the use and authority of reason is as futile as to administer medicine to the dead.' Now who said that?

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