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Too many posts, tired, tl;dr.

My opinion, I liked kotor's hilt to blade ratio (Did I just coin a new term?). Though TOR's hilt to blade ratio has admittedly improved since the early goings, I have to say I think the hilts...some of them...are still a little too big for the blade provided. I think the blades are somthing between okay to good size wise. Didn't mind JO (and I guess JA by extension) because although their blades appeared bigger than their hilt, their blades still didn't have that baseball bat appearance and retained their saber blade look even if a bit more conic/torch like now.

The violet in TOR seems a tad plain and could be mistaken for a deep blue, but at least it doesn't look nearly pink either. That doctored image is what I'd call the perfect balance--worthy of "Jules Windu".

As for the the dazzling effect in the movies: while I agree TOR might be able to do better, the pics I have seen of it in action are decent. Could be worse as there could be absolutely no blurring at all. Like Electro Luminescent stunt toy lightsabers, or glowsticks, out in moderately lit up settings: swing them or move them and you only see the stick and little to no "blur" effect.

TL;DR: the current TOR sabers are better than their initial release, but I'd still prefer the profile of KOTOR b/c it had the best overall "hilt to blade ratio" IMHO.

The blur? hey, long as it doesn't look like glowsticks or EL in a tube in a moderately well lit room where there is no blur at all, it seems fine to me.

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