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Okay guys, shortly (within a few weeks) I'll be making a printable resource page on my website that will include my M1 and M2 posters (but in slightly better quality then I have provided before) and additionally a "recreated M1 poster" - in other words, I'll be making a poster that looks almost identical to the real Monkey 1 poster. (The main difference will be that the Monkey1 logo cannot be moved to the correct position, nor do I intend to since it would make it near impossible to distinguish the two from low-res pictures). Then I will also be providing the manuals I created in 07 (possibly editied versions), and hopefully a new Madness manual too.

I've found a highly reccomended website for printing these things, and once I've checked it out hopefully I can also reccomend it. is offline   you may: quote & reply,