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" did you want to talk about?"

Alriana looked down at her feet before looking back up at Tavaryn. Her cheeks were turning red.

"When I first found out that you were aboard the Ackbar...when the Ackbar was under attack and being boarded...I was so happy to see you again but than, when that sith attacked you I thought that I was going to lose you before we could even talk."

Alriana was fighting to hold back the tears now. "I know that both of our jobs require us to take dangerous risks and I don't want to lose you without spending time with you. I...I was thinking that if it was alright with you...we could share quarters or possibly even change duty shifts so we could spend more time with each other."

Please...She thought. Don't let him reject me...don't let him turn me away.

Ackbar Bridge

"If you don't mind Admiral, I would like to hear this as well."

Belina waited until both she and Jun-la were both in the turbolift before reponding. "I don't mind at all. In fact...this may concern us all. The last time one of our sources contacted us it was because someone was trying to replace me as the commander of the republic fleet."

The turbolife arrived at the bridge but Belina kept the doors closed. "I have a feeling that this has something to do with the recent attack on Avalon"

"Security is back online Koral but the Admiral will need to imput new security codes for everything. System's ready."

Koral was about to respond when the doors to the bridge opened and Belina stepped out. She immediatly went over to where Koral was sitting. "This is Admiral Belina. I'll start the process of inputing new security codes later but right now I think you need to come up to the bridge."

She then activated the intercomn. "Admiral Garja, please report to the bridge at once. I repeat, Admiral Garja please report to the bridge at once."
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