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"I know that both of our jobs require us to take dangerous risks and I don't want to lose you without spending time with you. I...I was thinking that if it was alright with you...we could share quarters or possibly even change duty shifts so we could spend more time with each other."

Tavaryn watched the flush appear on Alriana's cheeks and wondered why she was behaving like him. It wasn't until he heard the last part of her speech that he startedto feel the blush creeping up. He wasn't sure of what to say at first but then he noticed something he hadn't seen in a long time. He saw fear. It was fear of him rejecting her and it cut him at the core but he understood where she was coming from.

He looked at her again and slowly reached up and placed a hand on her cheek. With his thumb he began caressing her cheek and said slowly, "Don't fear me rejecting you moi chroi. If I did that, I would be destroying myself. I found you again and I don't want to lose you either. Would you stay...with me? I want you to. I want to be with you." He hoped that his clumsily spoken words told her what he felt even though he was blushing just as she was.

Ackbar Bridge

"I have a feeling that this has something to do with the recent attack on Avalon"

"Wouldn't surprise me," Jun-la replied, "Even I have my suspicions about the attack. As far as I can tell, it's been nearly three thousand years since the planet was attacked in a similar manner."


"This is Admiral Belina. I'll start the process of inputing new security codes later but right now I think you need to come up to the bridge."

Andros listened to the orders. He looked at the open computer and felt reluctance to leave. Still the admiral requested his presence. He commed back, "I'm on my way." He packed up his work kit and headed towards the lift to get to the bridge.

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