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"Yes...nothing would make me more happy then to stay with you. I honestly think it would kill me if I couldn't stay with you."

Tavaryn returned the smile with one of his own as he continued to stroke her cheek with his thumb. He paused for a moment to lower his head and kiss her gently on the lips. It was short but sweet and put into words that he had a hard time saying. "Even though I can be a bashful prude around you, you want to stay?" He whispered the words in her ear as he gently kissed the side of her neck.


"That's...quite a long time."

"It is," Jun-la agreed, "But then again my people have long lifespans. Long term plans become somewhat of a norm. Look at my father and Tavaryn. Both were born during the days of the Empire, my father born at its birth."

When Garja came in, she turned to greet the admiral, "It is good to see that you are well Garja."

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