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"Even though I can be a bashful prude around you, you want to stay?"

Alriana smiled through the tears that were now freely flowing from her face. "I think that we can work on that when the time comes. But for no-," Alriana was interupted as her comnlink beeped indicating that someone was trying to contact her.

"Jedi Alriana, this is Belina on the bridge. There's something we need you to see as soon as possible. And find Tavaryn and bring him up here as well. I think this concerns everyone aboard the Ackbar in some way."

Alriana looked up at Tavaryn and motioned for him to lead the way. "This can't be good." She said as she wiped the tears away.

Belina put her comnlin away as a control started flashing. She frowned as she looked at it. It was signaling that the incoming transmission was of the highest priority.

"It looks like we'll have to recored the transmission and show them later." She said as she hit the accept button.

"Attention Admiral Belina, this is Giron on Coruscant! I don't think that I have much time left before I'm either captured or killed. The Republic looks like it's going to end up allying with the Undying sith empire and it looks like they want to keep the information from going to the public for now."

Belina could hear blaster shots getting louder and louder but despite what was going on Giron continued giving his report.

"I think this is going to be my final transmission. I managed to get away from my pursuers a few minutes ago but it looks like they managed to find me. I don't have any other information but I feel I must warn you to be cautious in the future."

Belina was about to respond when she heard a blaster shot and the screen went black.

She looked over at Jun-la and then brought her hand down on the console with a good amount of force and than looked over at Garja. "Get me a communications link to Coruscant NOW! She shouted angerly
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