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This can't be good."

Tavaryn couldn't agree more. He had heard the beep of her comm and resisted the urge to grumble. He listened to Belina's request while nuzzling Alriana's neck gently. He was actually thinking about what she said earlier about the risks they had to take in their line of work. There was always going to be something that would cut their moments short but in his mind they were worth it. He gave a sigh and said looking at her, "Well I guess you better follow orders and 'find' me. I could still be hiding from the CMO."

He smiled to show that he was joking with her and gave her another kiss. It seemed to get better every time he did that. "You know it just occurred to me that no matter how beat up I get, you always seem to make things better. Now why is that?"


Andros hurried out of the turbolift. He had sensed the urgency in his master's presence and knew that this was big. He came to the turn that led onto the bridge and he skidded in his boots to make the turn. He entered in and said, "Did I miss something?"

Meanwhile Jun-la had been viewing the transmission. This was troubling indeed. The Republic allying with the undying empire was nothing short of heresy of some sort. When Belina shouted Jun-la placed a hand on the admiral's shoulder and said, "Not Coruscant in general. If it is as bad as this source says, we can't trust any but those that would disapprove, like the Jedi. Even the Shinigami on Coruscant will not stand for this."

When Andros came skidding in, Jun-la motioned for him to just be quiet for the moment and give his report. He wordlessly went to his master's side and said, "Master I have done most of the important repairs necessary, including power ampage."

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