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Jedi Temple, Coruscant

"Even so, this decision is not simply based on the Sith infiltration. The distrust the Senate has for us is hardly one sided." Kol explained. "Perhaps you are right about having more than one place to relocate to. We have other, less well known sanctuaries on planets such as Ruusan, Ossus, and Dantooine, and if necessary, we don't have to settle on any planet for the time being."

"There are others we can trust as well, Master Skywalker. I know from Iyav that while he is bound by both Republic Law and Senate Rulings, the Director of Republic Intelligence remains unconvinced by the Sith's ruse. It's one of the few things they and Echelon 5 agree on." Komad suggested.

"Would you be able to put aside the issues you have with your ex-husband if your two employers are forced to work together against the Sith?" Kol asked Iyav.

"I can only hope." Iyav replied.

"What about Admiral Belina? She trusts the Jedi Order completely, and she has considerable sway over the Republic Fleet." Kalla added.

"We'd certainly need that sort of firepower if we're going up against the Sith." Iyav commented.

"Very well, I'll get in touch with her as soon as possible." Kol agreed.

Bridge, RSS Ackbar

"Too late, Admiral. We're currently receiving two separate transmissions from Coruscant: one from Chief of State Arket Lendralis, and one from Jedi Grand Master Kol Skywalker. Under the circumstances, I'd advise putting one onscreen, and keeping the other on hold. It's your choice." The communications officer pointed out.

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