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"You know it just occurred to me that no matter how beat up I get, you always seem to make things better. Now why is that?"

Alriana grinned at him as she wiped away the last of the tears. "I'm starting to think that it's my charming personality." she said as she turned and headed for the door only to turn around and smile at him.

"I think we can continue this once we get back from the bridge." She said as she headed for the turbolift.

"Not Coruscant in general. If it is as bad as this source says, we can't trust any but those that would disapprove, like the Jedi. Even the Shinigami on Coruscant will not stand for this."

Admiral Belina swore once and then brought her hand down on the console again. "What is wrong with the senate?! She shouted angerly as she brought her fist down on the console for the third time, this time a small part of the console was dented and a few console lights flickered.

"Master I have done most of the important repairs necessary, including power ampage."

Belina breathed deeply for a little bit and calmed down slightly. "That's good to hear Andros and I really appreciate the help you've been giving us. As soon as the others arrive on the bridge I'm going to replay the transmission."

She then turned to Jun-la again. "If any of the Shinigami or Jedi need a place to stay then feel free to inform them that the Ackbar is a safe haven for them."

"Too late, Admiral. We're currently receiving two separate transmissions from Coruscant: one from Chief of State Arket Lendralis, and one from Jedi Grand Master Kol Skywalker. Under the circumstances, I'd advise putting one onscreen, and keeping the other on hold. It's your choice."

Belina nodded at the communications officer. "Put Master Skywalker on screen. Right now I'm a lot less angry with him then I am with the Chief of state."

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