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Preface: I'm not sure what it means but I had a dream.

There was one rat I had a long time ago, a blue I named Lobo. He had respiratory problems from the get-go and did not live long. Not quite 1 year.

He was always happy to see me. He could rest and sleep on me when few if any others would. He was always cool with me. Maybe not the most laid back and probably not so nice to other rats, even to his own offspring. He always liked to travel on my shoulder. So anyway, he died of complications.

On a night about a week later, I had a dream. For some strange reason it was in the downstairs guest bedroom of my parents' house. Not sure why exactly a that moment. But there I saw Lobo. On the nightstand against the wall. It was the same blue nightstand I had in my current room oddly enough.

It was daytime in the dream. He was standing there just looking at me. I was puzzled because I knew he was dead and yet sensed he was alive. Somehow. Once I began to figure it out, it was as though a door or opening I hadn't noticed in the wall behind him had brightened up. It wasn't there during my waking hours. He looked at me sidelong for a second then turned around and darted into the opening. I plead with him to come back as I ran to try to pick him up again but wasn't fast enough. He was gone through it before I got close enough. I looked through the opening and saw some place unfamiliar as it faded back to darkness. I reached through shoulder deep as it faded, but touched only air. I looked again. The illumination was gone. Lobo was gone. Woke up. My arm felt different almost radiant.

The only thing I can think of is how my little sister swore she saw angels and stuff when she was barely 4 or 5. Even freak out. The bedroom used to be my sister's.

Another dream is a lucid sort of state where I was actually in sleep paralysis. It's strange because it's like being here, but in an alternate dimension. I can hear things that are not there in waking reality. I could be standing in my own room. And yet it has some kind of frequency about it. I had to remember my physical body and become re acquainted with it before I could wake up again. Usually it's leaving where I am at in the dream and warping back to my body to engage it again.

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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