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Jedi Temple, Coruscant

Andros nodded and replied, "True a moving target is often harder to catch. Still I will compile a list of worlds that my mother knew friendly to the Jedi and to her. Some places, her name opens doors."

"What about Admiral Belina? She trusts the Jedi Order completely, and she has considerable sway over the Republic Fleet."

"True," Tonatius added, "And Avalon will not let this go easily. The bulk of the fleet is still in tact and I know those from Amshrey will be eager to get into the fight."


"I'm starting to think that it's my charming personality."

"I disagree moi chroi," Tavaryn replied as he followed her. "It's because it's just you."

He followed her to the turbolift, not particularly eager to get into a fiht again but then that was what he signed up for. He picked up Alriana's hand and held it in his and gently began to massage the palm while they were going up to the bridge. He softly joked, "I wonder if rest break is in Belina's vocabularly sometimes."


"If any of the Shinigami or Jedi need a place to stay then feel free to inform them that the Ackbar is a safe haven for them."

Jun-la replied, "I will repeat that offer to them and they might have some ideas of their own. I wouldn't worry too much about the Shinigami. If anything they are out there trying to find answers." Inwardly she thought about Belina's offer. She may have tohave them come aboard if only to keep them safe. And she wanted to see her precious treasure again.

"That's good to hear Andros and I really appreciate the help you've been giving us. As soon as the others arrive on the bridge I'm going to replay the transmission."

Andros nodded. "No problem Admiral."

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