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"I'm not so sure about Avalon, Tonatius. Remember what Sarden, I mean, Tyrannus said in the Senate about the Sith defending Avalon and helping with the relief effort. It sounds like they've won Avalon over already." Kalla pointed out.

"Admiral, I'm sure you're already aware of the situation on Coruscant. However, there is more to this than has been leaked. In some ways, it's not as bad as it sounds, while in other ways, it's much worse. The Undying Sith Empire was only able to convince the Senate through deception and feigned friendship. Chief of State Lendralis honestly believes that Sith aid is the only way to defeat the New Empire, while failing to consider the dangers. He is still a good man, misled though he may be. This also means the Republic is still in grave danger." Kol explained to Belina, his image digitally imposed over the main window of the Ackbar's bridge.

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