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usb gamepad problem

I realise this thread is a bit old now but I have a similar problem.

Some years ago I played DF2 and used a Logitech Thunderpad gameport controller no problem.

Now I have a computer running XP sp3 with no gameport, so bought a usb gamepad, which works fine in other games.

If I enable it, I am always looking at the floor and the mousewheel will bring the view up but it goes back down again as fast it went up!

If I disable the gamepad all is well.

I was thinking about getting a PCI soundcard with gameport and using my old gamepad, which worked well before but reading this thread has prompted me to re-consider.

It seems to me that there must somehow be a conflict between the gamepad and mouse, now the question is did he leave the usb controller plugged in whilst trying to use the old gamepad and gameport or is it a problem with DF2 in XP?

In which case there would be little point in getting a PCI card to use the old gamepad.

Perhaps using a utility to map the gamepad buttons to the keyboard would work? I'll try it.
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