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Originally Posted by gumpy View Post
Would it be possible to edit Zak and Maniac V2 as well? If there is a tool out there to do this or if you come up with your own tool let me know.

My e-mail is:
Here you go, I've updated my (poor) SCUMM Image Encoder to support V2 images.

(Source code (Python, requires PIL):

How to use:
  • Extract game blocks with ScummRp
  • Call scummimg to decode a room's background:
    scummimg -v 2 -d d:\temp\zak_out\LFv2_0001 out.png
  • Edit your image (don't change the colour palette, or you'll get weird results!)
  • Call scummimg to encode the background (will write files in the LFLF\RO directory):
    scummimg -v 2 -e d:\temp\zak_out\LFv2_0001 in.png
  • Import game blocks with ScummRp

Some notes on the format, for anyone interested:
  • Compressed with column-based RLE.
  • Uses a "dither table" of the 128 colours used in the last column.
  • Favours using colours from the "dither table", even if it breaks the run of a colour.
  • Dither table is reset every 8 columns (presumably to keep the data in "strips").

Next task: V1. (Sorry a.borque, I thought it's easier to work with formats from later versions of SCUMM, so I'm working backwards.)

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