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Jedi Temple Coruscant

"I'm not so sure about Avalon, Tonatius. Remember what Sarden, I mean, Tyrannus said in the Senate about the Sith defending Avalon and helping with the relief effort. It sounds like they've won Avalon over already."

"Then you must not know my sister very well," Andros replied. "As the Governor of the system, she is responsible for all the worlds within it. The planetary governors oversee their planets. Still it is a check and balance system. You can't swing a lightsaber without hitting someone important if it is official."

"He is right moi chroi. If the Lady Governor accepted aid, it is more likely she is watching for signs of treachery," Tonatius added softly. "Besides, you can't forget the colonies on the Outer Rim worlds."

"Finally my brother shows some intelligence," Taryn muttered with a grin.


"When you repeat the offer tell them if they need to get ahold of me then tell them to hail the Ackbar on emergency channel seven."

Jun-la nodded and gave a nod to Andros who returned it. There would be time later. Right now they had to hear what the Chief of State had to say.

"Admiral Belina, I have good news. We have just received new intel that will allow us to put an end to the New Empire, once and for all. As such, I am ordering the Ackbar back to Coruscant to be refitted with this new data, in preparation for the attack on Balmorra."

Jun-la stood away from the camera so she would not be seen but turned to mutter to Belina, "I would ask about his sources for this. There have been no signs from Balmorra last I checked."


"I know for a fact that it fact, I once caught her half asleep on the bridge when I reported for the midnight shift once. I swear, the second she heard the door to the bridge open she got up so fast I thought she might have thrown out her back."

Tavaryn continued to massage Alriana's palms as he replied, "She is a proud woman and I think duty is her life. She knows what's right."

The turbolift came to a halt on the bridge deck. Tavaryn stopped massaging the palm he was holding and gently kissed it before releasing it.He offeed his elbow again to her asking quietly if she wanted to.

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