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"Admiral Belina, I have good news. We have just received new intel that will allow us to put an end to the New Empire, once and for all. As such, I am ordering the Ackbar back to Coruscant to be refitted with this new data, in preparation for the attack on Balmorra."

"I would ask about his sources for this. There have been no signs from Balmorra last I checked."

Belina stared directly at Lendralis and shook her head. "First off Lendralis I'd like to hear where you got this information from. And of my sources of Coruscant told me who you were negotiating with. I had trouble believing for a few minutes but now...the sith? You honestly believe that you can trust a sith?"

She turned around to look at her bridge crew and then Garja. They were all looking at her and she could tell that they trusted her. "The Ackbar isn't going anywhere."

"She is a proud woman and I think duty is her life. She knows what's right."

"I suppose that your right." Alriana said as they arrived on the bridge and Tavaryn offered her his elbow. She took it and led him onto the bridge, just in time to hear the last part of Admiral Belina's transmission to Lendralis.
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