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"I suppose that your right."

Tavaryn replied, "There is nothing wrong with duty. I've learned thatthere are different kinds of duty. One fairly recent."

Jun-la watched the Chief of State's face while Belina conversed with him. She remained out of view fo the camera since she was not sure what the effect would be if he saw a Jedi standing with her. She turned when she heard the bridge doors open to reveal Jedi Haltra and her uncle walk in. She gave a small smile when she saw Alriana's hand on his elbow. She did though managed to make eye contact with her uncle and warn him to stay out of the projection angle.

Tavaryn caught his niece's silent warning and moved towards wher Koral was. He sent to Alriana, Best to stay out of the way since it could be bad if a Jedi is seen standing next to Belina.

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