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Wait...wait a minute...I just noticed an injustice: ChAiNz does not have the notable contributor badge!

I think he fits the very definition of "Notable Contributor":

Notable Contributor
Recognition for members who have made significant contributions to the forum or community sites well beyond the ordinary. This can for example be things like regularly reviewing other members' fan fiction, writing detailed walkthroughs/FAQs for games, contributing design and artwork for sites, making tools that contribute to community activity growth for one of the modding communities etc. Something that adds notable value for the forum community or attracts new people to join. If you feel someone has made such an extra noteworthy contribution, please specify what it is with links if appropriate. Edit: Nominations for this badge will be brought to the staff for a vote instead of being given out after two nominations.
If that's not him, then I shouldn't have the badge either. (I'd trade mine for his, in fact)

Of course, as the proposer of this badge, I pull myself out of the staff vote.
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