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"I'm sorry it had to come to this, Leana. You are hereby stripped your rank and command and are ordered to report the brig. Any who support you will share this fate. If the crew fails to enforce this, they will be shown no more mercy than any other rogue crew."

Belina smiled Lendralis. Her eyes showed no sign of warmth or compassion. "You seem to forget yourself Lendralis. I control most of the republic fleet and I suspect that more of them will follow my lead then aid a republic that has decided to work with the sith."

Garja stepped forward and nodded at Belina. "Rest assured Admiral, I will follow you. Instead of treating me as a prisoner when I defected you showed me respect and listened to my advice. I stand with you."

Garja then stepped towards one of the consoles and transmitted the exchange between Admiral Belina and the Chief of state along with the transmission from Giron who had been killed getting the information to them. He made sure that it reached each and every ship in the republic fleet. Within moments, replies began to come in.

"This Captain Hivel of the RSS Shan. We stand ready to assist you Admiral."

"This is Admiral Ralek commanding the RSD Hope and the Fourth Republic advanced guard. We will not serve a republic that has allied itself with the sith. Awaiting orders Supreme Commander."

"This is Captain Sivel, commanding the Katarn and the second fleet, we stand with you Admiral."

More and more transmissions came in, some of them supporting Belina's actions and others siding with the Chief of state. Belina smiled as the transmissions continued.

"I hope your ready to face the consequences of your actions Lendralis. I have a feeling that this will not end well for you." Belina said as she cut the communications channel to Coruscant and opened up an emergency line to the ships that had sided with her.

"Attention all rebel vessels, this is Admiral Belina. As you now know, it seems the chief of state has found himself some new allies. I for one will not serve a republic that works with the sith. All rebel vessels are to report to the Avalon system for further instructions. Any and all crew members who disagree with this new situation are not to be killed but are to be put off ship. That's all for now."

Belina closed the communications line and suddenly her legs buckled out from under her. She caught the edge of the console and got back on her feet. She looked at the bridge officers and smiled shakily. "I think that I'm going to have every bounty hunter in the galaxy looking for me after that little stunt I just pulled."

Best to stay out of the way since it could be bad if a Jedi is seen standing next to Belina.

Alriana looked back at him and nodded after seeing what Admiral Belina had just done. I think Admiral Belina is going to need a bodyguard. She sent.

"Without the Ackbar, the RSS Destiny would likely serve as the Republic's new flagship and lead the attack on the New Imperial Capital on Balmorra."

"At least we managed to gather a sizable portion of the fleet." Belina said. "The longer the loyalists are busy with the New Empire the longer we have time to get organized."

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