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I think Admiral Belina is going to need a bodyguard.

Perhaps you are right moi chroi. Since the transmission ended it was safe to move. Reluctantly letting go of Alriana, Tavaryn stepped forward and said, "Admiral if bounty hunters you are worried about, I may have a solution." Tavaryn paused not sure if it was a good idea or not but since he managed to face himself in that place, he might as well face judgment from everyone else. He added, "I still have contacts from my more 'lucrative' days. They may be the sort of people to keep them busy. Plus I know some of my Shinigami brethren would jump at an assignment like this."

I would if I were in my younger days moi chroi. His thoughts projected towards Alriana surprising him a bit with how honest he wanted to be with her.

Jun-la had noticed the reluctance in her uncle's face as he mentioned his past. She had heard only stories but when she mentioned it to her father, there was a strain that occurred. Seeing him revealing that he was not always the polite gentleman, she realized he was doing it because of Alriana. She added, "It is a possibility Admiral. Since the Jedi are also against this, we will stand by you. Some of us too have previous lives and maintain a connection to them."

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