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(@Chev: That'd be "found himself some new allies". Lendralis is the first male Chief of State to appear in the series)

Executive Office Building, Coruscant

"We seem to have a minor setback, Lord Pestilus. Belina has managed to convince several other Star Destroyers to go rogue." Lendralis explained.

"Unfortunate, but inconsequential. With assistance from my own fleet, we should still be able to mount an effective assault against the New Empire." Pestilus replied.

Silver Eagle
Kalla looked out across the Coruscant skyline, for what may very well be the last time, thinking back to when she first met Tonatius. It was nearly impossible to ignore the very real possibility that she'd never see her home again. "Do you think we'll ever be able to come back here?" She asked Tonatius, holding his hand.

"Even if we're not involved, we can't ignore what's about to happen. I've managed to get feeds patched in from both the Senate and the Destiny." Iyav transmitted over the ship's intercom.

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