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((Sorry about that, It was a typo.))

"I still have contacts from my more 'lucrative' days. They may be the sort of people to keep them busy. Plus I know some of my Shinigami brethren would jump at an assignment like this."

Alriana looked over at him and nodded as Admiral Belina looked Tavaryn over and smiled at him. "I appreciate the thought, I really do. But I will not take a bodyguard unless the rest of my crew is protected. And I doubt that there are enough Shinigami to protect everyone on the Ackbar. But If you can get a small squadron of Shinigami to serve on the Ackbar as a security force I would greatly appreciate it."

I would if I were in my younger days moi chroi.

I know you would. Alriana sent back. But then I would worry about you day and night.

"It is a possibility Admiral. Since the Jedi are also against this, we will stand by you. Some of us too have previous lives and maintain a connection to them."

Alriana turned to Jun-la and smiled at her. "I appreciate the offer and I may take you up on it. But I need to get in contact with Master Skywalker first. I want to ask him where the jedi are relocating to so I can meet up with him."
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