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"Secrecy is the Shinigami's greatest asset Admiral. Even I don't know the numbers and I was raised amongst them. I am sure though that the Head Captain will oblige with a security force."

Belina sighed in relief as another idea came to mind. "I think it would be a good idea of we had someone from both the Shinigami and the Jedi aboard. The reason I say this is because if we're all going to work together we need to find what each side needs."

She looked over at Tavaryn. "Tavaryn, since you already have duties aboard the Ackbar I'm going to ask you who you think would make a good ambassador from the Shinigami."

She then turned to look at Jun-la. "Lady Jun-la, I was hoping you could suggest an ambassador from the Jedi. Someone who is capable of negotiating."

You wouldn't want to worry about me if you knew what I was like then. You wouldn't have liked what you saw.

Alriana shook her head slightly. What you did in the past is in the past. She sent. I love you for what you are now. It would be horrible of me to judge you for what you once were.

"If anything Tython might be a suitable place, Admiral. However I suggest using our coded signal. Messages intercepted would not easily be decrypted."

"Good idea." Belina said. "I'm going to assume that the Jedi are changing their codes now that they're breaking away from the Republic so if you could somehow get in contact with Master Skywalker I would greatly appreciate it."
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