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(@JM12: Chev already knows this, but I'm currently planning on making Part IX the final instalment in the series. However, if either of you decide to take the reins and do a Part X, I will continue to participate.)

Silver Eagle

Opening a channel to the Ackbar, Iyav said to Belina, "You may want to listen to this: live feeds from the Destiny and the Senate. Don't ask me how I got them."

"It's funny, we're forced to leave my home planet, so we're relocating to yours." Kalla commented.

Jedi Transport Jinn

Already beyond the Coruscant system, Master Skywalker reopened communications with the Ackbar.

"Admiral, I apologize if you've had difficulty contacting us again. The Jedi Temple has already been vacated, and we felt it best that we keep the subspace frequency of our transport ships secret." He explained. "I must warn you: Do not approach the Avalon system. While they would gladly join our Resistance, the planet is currently surrounded by Sith Warships aiding in the relief effort. Governor Starlighter is tolerating their presence only as long as necessary. Instead, make for Tython. We intend to reclaim the old Temple there, and use it as both a replacement for the one on Coruscant and as a base of operations for the Resistance." He added.

RSS Destiny

"You know, if I ever see Belina again, I think I'll have to thank her. If she hadn't decided to go rogue, I'd have never ended up with her job." The newly promoted Admiral Kohe commented.

"Admiral, is the fleet ready?" Lendralis asked over the comm.

"Both the Republic fleet and our Sith allies are in position, sir. We're just waiting on you to give the order." He replied.

"Excellent. Make the jump." Lendralis commanded.

"Yes sir!" Kohe responded enthusiastically, directing his helmsman to jump into hyperspace, and the remaining Republic Star Destroyers followed suit. The Sith Warships, however, did not. Instead, they repositioned themselves in order to attack Coruscant.

Senate Building, Coruscant

Expressions of shock, fear, and confusion flooded the Senate when they learned that the Sith fleet had remained in orbit, rather than following the Republic ships to Balmorra.

"What is the meaning of this, Lord Pestilus?" Lendralis asked.

Pestilus ignored him, simply activating a small comm device on his wrist. "Fire at will." He directed the Sith fleet. The Senate Building itself was safe; anything that could pierce it would end up cracking the whole planet in two, but they could still hear the blasterfire outside.

"We trusted you!" Lendralis shouted at him.

"You were deceived, and now, your Republic shall fall." Pestilus replied, activating his lightsaber, and quickly decapitating the Chief of State.

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