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Originally Posted by darth trea View Post
i have found that some times i have been so overwelmed with mods that i just have to delete my override folder; and if you have modules that you want/have to delete do the same, but with modules you should copy the part of the disc that says modules into the folder with all the other files.

i use a mac so you might not be able to do that but i dont know for sure.

and if that does not work then i suggest reinstalling the WHOLE game

(i have never been able to use the skip taris mod) so i found a way around it (though you will have to install the bossr AFTER you get to dantoine) i use darth dacs cheat/warpband and add my party members then warp to dantoine and at the same time you can add xp.

i have another therory about how you can do it (this way you do not need dd's Cheat & Warpband but do need kotor save game editor) what you do is install the mod and bossr (before you start playing if you can) and then you use kse to add party members and xp and then you warp to dantoine

sorry if i sound confusing
Thanks for your help, but I don't see how its going to work, ut I'll give it a shot, but I have to keep uninstalling my game cause I end up getting mods that conflict with each other, and SST just stays there, its like its intergrated in my game now, no way to get it out

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