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Derek Jeter: 17 years, 5 World Series Rings...and now, 3000 hits

Today on July 9 2011, Derek Sanderson Jeter joined an exclusive club. In the history of Major League Baseball, there are a lot of NUMBERS. 700 homers; 300 wins; 2000 hits...and perhaps most impressively, 3000 hits. 750+ home runs is a feat to be sure, but 3,000 hits in a career is a testament to one thing: longevity. Derek Jeter became the first Yankee to collect his 3000th hit with the Bronx Bombers. And he got every one of them with the Bombers. He did so with a home run against the Tampa Bay Rays, becoming just the second player to join the 3,000 hit club with a homer. The one one? Wade Boggs, who was playing for the then Tampa Bay Devil Rays at the time.

I don't like the Yankees; I am a Boston fan through and through. I bleed Red Sox Red I "pahk my cah" at Fenway "Pahk". However, I respect and admire Derek Jeter. Congratulations, earned this one.

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Does anyone else have any thoughts or feelings on this? Feel free to share them below.

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