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I'll be happy to help out with this. I have KOTOR I and II, which I could rip from if you like, and am also a pretty good voice actor. I especially love battle droid voices (not the deep, gritty ones from Republic Commando, but the ones from the movies). I use 3ds Max 2011, but I don't really do detailed custom modelling/animating. I wouldn't mind doing post-rendered editing (don't worry I do HD), skin edits etc. if you want. Bear in mind I'm a HUGE Star Wars nerd, but have only really done basic modding before, mainly in Halo. What music is being used btw? Everything Star Wars MUST have beast music!
Oh, and good luck with scripting custom physics and particle effects if you're doing that. I never had any luck. Now, I'm not one to beg, so if YOU'RE interested, just contact me at
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