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The Republic fleet came out of hyperspace in the Balmorra system to find the New Empire waiting for them.

"Admiral, we've lost contact with Coruscant, and the Sith fleet did not follow us into hyperspace." Lt. Altair pointed out.

"No matter. We can still win this. Open fire on the nearest New Imperial ship." Kohe ordered.

As predicted, the intel provided by the Sith allowed the Republic ships to rip right through the New Imperial shields, and deal significant damage to their hull.

What they did not predict, however, was that the New Empire's weapons would have the same effect on them.

"It's a trap!" Kohe exclaimed.

"But for who, sir? Even if we are destroying each other, we're evenly matched with the New Empire." Altair stated.

"The Jedi were right. Prepare to jump into hyperspace." Kohe then instructed.

"No can do, sir. Their interdictors have us caught in a gravity well." Altair added.

"Try to hail the Imperials. They're not the real enemy here." Kohe suggested.

Senate Building, Coruscant

"Round up the Senators! Kill any who resist!" Pestilus instructed some unseen presence, and Sith Troopers revealed themselves behind every podium in the Senate.

Many Senators were taken away, violently escorted out by the troopers, and many more were simply gunned down.

Silver Eagle

Kalla was visibly shaken from what she was hearing from the Senate and the RSS Destiny. "And to think there's nothing we can do to stop this." She said to Tonatius, squeezing his hand. She was more terrified now than she was of anything that happened to her in the past five years.

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