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Originally Posted by Flashblade View Post
I agree, these are excellent textures that breath new life into TSL. Very well done. However I can confirm that by your described method of conversion using xnview ALL the alpha channels get dropped. It is easy to check this with xnview itself. Your DDS original texture of dantooine tree leaves has an alpha channel. The same converted tga file has a solid white block around the leaves. So unfortunately your method doesn't work and something needs to be done. Making the tgas available is probably the easiest solution to that problem.

[Edit]After fiddling around, I sadly come to the conclusion that this mod is unusable for me. Tried a few other converters but without much luck, something is always of. A shame, I hope you release a complete tga version some time soon. I would really love to use this!
I just converted them with GIMP. You can download a DDS plugin, and you'll have to sift through the textures one at a time. I don't know if GIMP has any batch editing capabilities or not, but I went through every single texture from all the packs easily enough. The ones with any obvious transparencies will be, well, obvious with the checkerboard backgrounds. Just save them as .tgas and move them to the override folder. The only batch editor I know of does not work for windows 7, at all, period, regardless of compatibility mode, though. Since you've gone through the trouble of downloading the whole pack maybe I can email you the ones I've converted or something.
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