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"I'm not worried. If want it to be a secret then that is fine too. Remember I used to work in secrets."

Alriana whispered back. "I don't want it to be a secret forever. Just until the current situation has ended."

"What kind of channel was it sent? I know most of the emergency channels, the legit ones."

Garja checked the transmission. "It was sent on the emergency distress channel. I recommend that we answer it now."

Belina nodded at him. "Let's hear it."

"Admiral, it appears as though the Sith provided the New Empire with an intel package similar to the one they gave us. As a result, our fleets were evenly matched, and we nearly destroyed each other. Fortunately, we have agreed to a ceasefire, and they said that if you are willing to negotiate with Grand Admiral Velerc, they would be more than happy to join your Resistance, and if you will accept, what is left of the Republic fleet will do so unconditionally."

Belina's eyes were drawn to the screen and her voice was calm though on the inside she was swearing in every language that she knew. "First off, I'm glad that you managed to to agree to a ceasefire. Inform Grand Admial Velerc that I will meet up with him at the following coordinates in deep space."

Inside, Belina was still swearing. Grand Admiral Velerc was better known to her as her father, the man who had abandoned his family and had accidently killed her mother. She didn't know what she would do when she met with him face to face.

Get ready father...It looks like we're going to meet face to face.

Imperial Space.

Imperial Flagship Death's Head.

Grand Admiral Velerc was still reading the pad with the information that the chiss had brought when one of his crewmembers spoke up. "Grand Admiral, we have an incoming transmission from Balmorra."

Velerc put the pad down. ""Put in onscreen."
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