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"I think just abour almost everyone in this room knows. They are polite enough not to mention it."

Alriana looked back at Koral who nervously brought his eyes back down to his console, as she looked around the bridge she couldn't help but notice that Tavaryn was right. A few of the bridge crew looked away when she looked at them and a few of them had smirks on their faces as they turned back to their consoles.

I...did not know that. She sent through their link. Well, I thought that Admiral Belina knew but that was it.

"Family may make us angry but certain things like revenge just gnaw away at the soul."

Belina looked over at her. "I will not allow revenge to affect me during the negotiations. I will be civil, but the Grand Admiral will never be able to fully earn my trust, not after all that he's put me through."

Death's Head

"Admiral, the Republic forces have agreed to the ceasefire, and they have managed to put us through to leader of the Resistance. She asks that she meet you at the following coordinates."

Grand Admiral Velerc watched as the coordiantes came in over the channel and he transmitted them to the helm controls. "Very well." He turned to look at the helm officer. "Set course for the following coordinates and engage the hyperdrive when ready."

The Death's Head slowly turned around and then entered hyperspace.
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