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"I don't know how yet, but we'll find a way to fix this. I know it."

Tonatius chuckled as he leaned into Kalla and tucked her head under his chin. "There's the girl I remember and the one who stole my heart."


Well, I thought that Admiral Belina knew but that was it.

Tavaryn smirked and gave a low chuckle. He then sent, I didn't help matters when I declared my love for you and that was under Ryu's watchful eye.

"I will not allow revenge to affect me during the negotiations. I will be civil, but the Grand Admiral will never be able to fully earn my trust, not after all that he's put me through."

Jun-la nodded. She looked at her apprentice and motioned for him to go help review the transmissions. She then said, "That is good. I know you would remember that."

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