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Originally Posted by ChAiNz.2da View Post
hehe agreed. Supposedly there are more voice actors this round (confirmed in one of the countless interviews/articles) but "how many" remains to be seen
Well, I hope that means will meet more unique NPCs and Jordy Headsmen, having Breton Face A with hairstyle F, which looks much the same as Pete Woodcutter who lives in that last village I visisted, is a thing of the past. Both gave me a big important task, involving my uber quest to save the world

I think it would be fun to have a party aswell to travel around with. Somehow Bethesda never added that to one of their games. the lonely trecking gets a bit tidious.

Originally Posted by Ctrl Alt Del View Post
I'd rather they keep conversations between NPCs to a minimum. Like it was in New Vegas. Much less repetition that way.
Aye or make the conversations bizzarly hilarious like in the GTA games. The pedestrions where whack

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