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Originally Posted by Darth333 View Post
I hope that regardless of the number of voice actors, we won't constantly hear something along the lines of "I saw some mudcrabs by the water recently. I steered clear of them. Awful creatures blah blah blah" IMHO, more particularly since it does seem like we'll be fighting giant Cliff Racers...
Definitely... it was novel at first.. but after about a bajillion playthroughs, it was torture.. hehe

Originally Posted by Quanon View Post
I think it would be fun to have a party aswell to travel around with. Somehow Bethesda never added that to one of their games. the lonely trecking gets a bit tidious.
Until Beth can master AI pathing, (or AI in general) I'd rather save my arrows for the enemy rather than my companion's back :¬:

Note to the NPC's of Nirn, when I'm swinging a large sword.. please don't run in front of me to poke them with a dagger

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