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Originally Posted by Kurgan View Post
Btw, I've since been able to play the PC version of the original "Halo" in multiplayer on a friend of mine's computer, and let me tell you, it reminded me a LOT of MP for Republic Commando, except that it had vehicles (vehicles which obviously inspired the ones in UT2k4).

Of course Halo MP plays like a lightweight version of Quake 3 with low gravity jumps, basic vehicles (a jeep and a one man flier), rifle butting and manual reloading. Take out the vehicles and it plays just like RC MP.
Worry no more KURGAN thanks to PFWSKIP and use of mutator He has made
ENTERABLE VEHICLES MOD for rc as demonstrated in this video ...
Goto 1.37 minute in video to see ,but the podracer model before could also be added in as an enterable vehicle
Included also he has made CONQUEST mode CRYSTAL mode various admin patches a veritable wealth of nu material..
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