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Originally Posted by acdcfanbill View Post
From what I recall, back when lucasforums merged (it used to be separate sites for jedi knight stuff, monkey island, etc) all the forum users got merged and since some of the seperate forums were older than others there were glitches in the join date for specific users. I believe since it was unknown, it basically defaulted to Unix Epoch, i.e. Jan 1 1970.
Pretty much. It's just a user account that has the default value 0 in the date field in the database (which gets interpreted as a unix timestamp and presented as january 1970). There are a fair number of those on older accounts, actually.

Earliest posts in the lucasforums archive are from December 1998, though those are imported from the forums that joined to form Lucasforums. LF itself was formed in 2001 I believe (10th year anniversary this year).

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