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It was the best moment of my life.

Alriana smiled. I could say the same thing. she sent even as she turned to Admiral Belina to listen to what she had to say.

"Certainly now that we know our course of action, others can be given orders and sent on their way?"

"Of course." Belina said as the Ackbar arrived at the coordiantes where Velerc would be waiting for them. "But I think it would be a good idea for us to wait until we arrive at Tython to begin issuing orders."

Koral spoke next. "Admiral, incoming transmission coming in from the Star Destroyer Death's Head. It's reading as Admiral Velerc's flagship."

"Put it on screen."

The well known face of Admiral Velerc appeared on the front of the screen. Belina took a deep beath as the Admiral began speaking. "Admiral Belina, I have been told that the Undying Sith Empire has managed to take Coruscant. I have also heard that both of our fleets were nearly decimated at Balmorra."

Belina kept her face free of any emotions. "That is correct, I also heard that Balmorra might be the sith empire's next target. I believe that the two of us should combine our forces and meet in the Tython system."

"I don't know the locations of the Tython system I'm afraid. My spies in the republic never managed to get the location of the system. But I do agree, the sith empire must be stopped at all costs. If joining your resistance drives the sith away, then we will join."

Belina stared at the Admiral for a moment and nodded. "Very well. We're transmitting the coordiantes now. But know this: Any attacks on any republic forces will result in the New Empire being thrown out of the resistance. And Remember this Admiral, I never forget and I don't forgive easily."

Belina terminated the transmission and ordered the helm to set a course for Tython. A few moments later the Ackbar vanished into hypersapce.
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