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Originally Posted by ChAiNz.2da View Post
Any preference on display type. LCD, LED, Plasma?
Not sure. I just need good contrast, colors and a decent viewing angle. TV may be use for gaming though. Anything that is visibly decent at an angle in a somewhat well lit room. I still have the comp monitor for the rest.

Any features you want built-in (web browser, netflix, monitor input, total HDMI slots, etc.)?
Wireless capabilities, HDMI, mostly but could live without the former.

No matter what, you'll want a high contrast ratio, 5000:1 or higher. Make sure that's "static" and not dynamic ratio.
Looking into this.

Refresh rates at 120, 240 & 480 are commonplace nowadays. I have a 120Hz rate on mine.. and I have no complaints. 3D requires at least a 120Hz rating. Don't let them sell ya a 60Hz rate if you can avoid.
Is there a real difference (I mean a visible one, other than on paper) between 120, 240 and 480 if I don't want 3D as it doesn't really works for me apart from making me sick?

Btw, how about this one? Is there any non 3D equivalent ? Been looking at this one too
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