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The 3D part of the whole 3DTV deal isn't the hardware but the software, so unless you're actually watching a 3D Blu-ray you won't notice any difference between regular 2D video that you can see on any other TV.

Like I said in my previous post, for the features you're asking for, the TV's you'll be looking at are on the higher end scale so they'll probably be 3D capable to begin with. Just ignore that and sell the glasses the TV comes with on ebay if you really don't want 3D at all

Also, ignore the refresh rate info, it's a marketing gimmick to try to differentiate one TV from another. As for colours and contrast and all of that kind of jazz, unless you're going to be scrutinising every little part of the TV for an internet review, it really doesn't matter. Just choose something that has the general features you want at the right price. Companies been making LCD and Plasma HDTVs long enough now that it really doesn't make a difference between one or the other aside from the proprietary side of things like the Bravia engine from Sony or the equivalent thing Samsung has got which I forgot the name of.

Bottom line, when you do end up getting the TV, you're going to be spending a lot of time playing with the settings to make everything look right no matter which TV you get... but if you do spend that time setting the picture settings properly then even a mediocre TV can look about as good as a high end. |

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